Sunday, 7 December 2014

 10 Most Common Mistakes When Washing Clothes

 You are in a hurry to use the one outfit that you love, you quickly throw it in the machine with some other dirty clothes too. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when washing clothes. If you want to look after your clothes and keep them for longer you should avoid this habit. Here are the top ten mistakes when washing clothes and how to avoid them with tips from the experts.  

Not reading clothing labels
It seems silly, but the washing symbols exist just so that you understand what is the best way to save and preserve that item of clothing. Ignoring these instructions may lead  to do something that can cause irreparable damage to the clothing item.

Ignoring colour differences
White clothes should never be washed with colored ones. If you do, it is highly likely that the lighter clothing items will be stained. Although the coloured clothing may not realese ink, the white clothing items gain a yellowish appearance by coming into contact with our darker clothing items. 

Mixing personal clothing items with household items
Clothes for personal use should be washed separately from pieces of kitchen tea-towels, cleaning cloths, and blankets for animals. Tablecloths and dishcloths usually have food and grease residues and can stain other clothes. Wipes and blankets animals carry the toughest of dirt and need a heavier type of washing, which can damage ordinary clothes. 

Not checking how dirty the clothes are
Heavily soiled parts require more work and a more aggressive washing process, getting more worn. With a little dirt, there is no need to go through a heavier wash, ie, it is an injury that can be excused. The ideal is to wash heavily soiled separately. 

Overusing the washing powder
Understand that it is not the excess soap that cleans your clothes, so do not abuse the quantity. The more you put detergent in the clothes, the more they need to be rinsed and may fade. Also, in case you get some residual foam in pieces, people may have a sensitive skin allergy. 

Using the wrong water temperature 
Some washing machines use hot water, which helps a lot in cleaning. However, people do not use it correctly. Note that the new washing machines have the pre-wash phase in which the water is not heated because stains and dirt must be removed first with cold water. If you put hot water in the first wash, instead of removing stains and dirt you can make them worse, with the end resulting in an apparent stain. So it is important to always use the pre-wash with cold water and then use hot water to complement the cleaning process.

Abusing the bleach
Do not believe in miraculous tricks for stain removal. There are fabrics that fade and fray even with the use of unsuitable products or homemade clothing items. 

Not leaving enough time for the clothes to soak
Extremely soiled items need to soak. Furthermore, the contact of the clothing with water and soap for too short of time may cause stains or fade the colors. 

Not using fabric softener 
This is indispensable, you do not need to use a large amount as washing hardens the fibers of clothing, which makes them unpleasant to touch and more difficult to wear. Fabric softener can help with this. 

Skipping dirty clothes

One of the most common mistakes is to wear the clothes without having washed them. Even though they may appear clean there may be some less obvious dirt and the hot iron can leave a permanent nasty stain.