Tuesday, 2 December 2014

10 Tips to Energize the Home That Will Pave the Way and Eliminate the Bad Vibes

If a home environment is full of negative energies, the quality of life of for the residents may be impacted. Therefore it is important to keep the good vibes. For this, some simple, practical tips can help energy

How to energize the environment

1. Always start cleaning the house with sprays made from pure essential oils.

2. Choose nice incense, take care to always look for those that are specific to their actual needs and for every moment of your life; always light them during the day.

3. Protect drains in the house with lead plates and always keep the bathroom closed.

4. The location where the food is made must have a minimum distance of water outlets and drains and sinks. "That's because the stove is the main element of the prosperity of a house. And water negates this effect and can" erase "and weaken it,".

5. The walls are witnesses of what happens in each environment and act as 'antennas' that capture energy. If you get too loaded with bad vibes, they may impact the lives of residents and visitors of the place, besides altering the progress. "Moreover, according to geology, cement and bricks are made of microssais and minerals that have the property to absorb any vibration emitted and received,". To end this problem, use a spray with herbs to clear them.

6. Choose sachets of essential oils best suited to each situation and place them in personal lockers and other sites where their belongings. They can generate well being, detachment; strengthen self-esteem, peace, harmony, etc.

7. Keep objects that help eliminate bad energy from the environment. An example is putting in the driveway a "convex" mirror with about 8 cm in diameter to rebut any negative energy waves and not let them in.

8. Rocky elements, like stones and crystals help in protecting, cleansing and energizing the home, acting as a shield both personal and local.

9. Regardless of your religion, keep in intimate environments an element of connection with divine energy, such as rosaries and living japamalas. 

10. To change the vibe of the place and leave it clean and energy-qualified, have a kit with quantum materials, and energy geo-biological. But do not just buy what is sold in stores; you need to combine the materials with proper preparation. A typical example is clean and energized stones or plates containing graphs with symbols.