Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to Clean Grime in the Bathroom

When it comes time to do the house cleaning the grouting can be difficult and cumbersome to remove in difficult spaces. That's because, over time, this area tends to accumulate fat, dust and more specifically in bathrooms, and mold (depending on humidity). For cleaning the bathroom, a few simple precautions with cleaning and maintenance are useful to facilitate the work.

Hints to Clean the Grouting

Cleaning the grout should be done with an abrasive or mild detergent and with the help of a sponge or brush. . It is important to pay attention to some grout cleaners, which can damage floors and tiles. For this case, there are plenty of specific product options for each type of finish i.e. porcelain.

How to Make the Grouting White

If necessary maintenance of grout, that there is a range of practical products on the market to make the grout stay white boy again and leave the most beautiful bathroom. One is the "grout over grout". "This technique involves the application of a new grout over the old one, without the need to clean it before. In addition to practical, the product is affordable.

To facilitate cleaning and allow the grout to become cleaner for longer, the trick is to seal the space immediately after application of the mortar. The sealant is a colorless resin; the application creates a thin protective layer, leaving the grouting waterproof. With this preventive measure, the grouting is maintained for much longer and is easier to clean.