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How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning Quotes is here to make finding the right Auckland commercial cleaning company a whole lot easier. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of eight key points to consider when choosing commercial cleaners in the Auckland area. You need to make sure you evaluate the cleaning company before engaging their services.

Ensure they only use cleaning products that are of tried and tested quality

You need to ensure that the cleaning company only uses products which have been highly tested in the market place and meet minimum standards. Look to ensure they have the active compound, parachlorometaxylenol, which is widely used in the sterilization of medical centers and hospitals. It is produced by a chemical emulsion patented process, which results in a low concentration of the active ingredient, making it highly effective whilst at the same time very safe.

Insist on an onsite quotation

Most reputable cleaning companies will be more than happy to visit your offices or premises to provide you with an accurate assessment and quotation. They should also provide you with a list of the cleaning services being performed when they submit their quotation. This will include but is not limited to vacuuming, mopping, cleaning and sanitizing of the bathroom along with dusting. This will of course be dependent on the specific services you require and have requested. 

Environmentally friendly cleaning service

Increasingly the issue of Green Cleaning and the environmental impact of chemicals used in the process of professional cleaning procedures has become more important and is often essential to meet certainly environmental standards (i.e. ISO 14001) and serve as a positive endorsement for business owners. It pays to review whether the cleaning company is employing environmentally friendly cleaning products and best practices. All cleaning products used should be safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Ensure they are using best practices and latest cleaning techniques

This begins with operational training to ensure that industry best practices are followed and ongoing training takes place. The cleaning companies service should be focused on:

  • Importance of cleaning focusing on disinfection 
  • How to eliminate all bacteria from surfaces
  • How to completely remove dust from surfaces
  • Best carpet cleaning techniques that minimise time
  • Best technical treatment of all types of hard floors
  • How to work fast and efficiently without compromising the quality of cleaning
  • How to clean whilst utilizing sustainable cleaning practices (Green Cleaning)

Request proof of insurance 

It is important to ensure that the cleaning company has comprehensive insurance policies in place. You want to make sure that they have their own insurance policy to cover you in case of any accidents. 

Read the contract

It is important to thoroughly read through the contract before signing. Most reputable cleaning companies will request that you sign a contract. It is important to have a recourse if some the companies are not providing the level of service originally promised. It would be advisable to request perhaps a free trial period if the cleaner will agree to it. Or perhaps suggest a month-to-month contract as opposed to a yearly contract. 

Consider the experience of the cleaning company

Most established cleaning companies will have years of experience and proven cleaning systems behind them. This will ensure that they have developed the best processes and systems to ensure your office is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. All else being equal you will want to choose the company with the most experience. 

Request references from the company

A quality Auckland cleaning company should be able to provide you with recent testimonials from current clients. You should contact these clients to get first hand reviews on the cleaners and ask if they are happy with the cleaning services being provided and their experience with the company. 

Check the company's certifications

NZQA registered, Master Cleaners accredited, SafeClean certified, and Carpet Cleaners Association of NZ registered - these are all importing qualifications and accreditation's that are going to protect your company and, in some cases, save your substantial costs. Make sure to request a list of all certifications that are relevant to your business. 


Ask the company how they will measure and track their success. How easy will it be to provide regular feedback to the cleaning company, and how will the company act on your feedback provided. Is their a formal complaint procedure in place? 

The people factor

Request to meet the person who will be handling your account. You want to find out what procedures are in place for replacing cleaners you are not competing the job satisfactorily or are not suitable for your facility. 

If you are looking for a regular office cleaner or just a one off commercial Cleaning Quotes do the hard work for you and provide you with free quotes from approved and registered local Auckland commercial cleaners today. 

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Are You Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business in Auckland?

If you are starting a commercial cleaning business in Auckland, are you joining up with a franchise? This is how many people get themselves established in the industry. You're going to want to think about your coverage area, equipment and cleaning supplies, employees you need to hire and much more. When it comes to the cleaning, there are many tips you should familiarize yourself with to make sure that you offer the best services to your customers. 

What is usually the dirtiest area inside a commercial business? Hands down, it has to be the bathroom, right? Paying special attention and detail to cleaning the bathrooms is definitely key. Bowl cleaner must be used, and toilets need to be cleaned thoroughly to the point of sparkling. 
Commercial Cleaning Business Auckland
Make sure you clean all counter surfaces, and you also want to ensure all the mirrors in the bathroom are spotless. Familiarize yourself with any extra accommodations that certain bathrooms might have, such as a shower or tub, and be prepared to clean them upon arrival. 

One way you can make sure you are prepared to do all the cleaning is to get the specifics from your clients. Naturally, you're going to want to get a tour of the place before you show up to clean, so you can do the double checking to make sure you bring everything you need. 

It is still important, however, to check with the clients to make sure you are cleaning according to their expectations. If there are certain surfaces that are extra dirty and could use a good multi-purpose cleaner, then you can count on a mixture of dish washing liquid and detergent. Don't forget to dry surfaces thoroughly, and with a towel, so that you're not leaving water spots. 

Are you not sure what cloth to use on the mirrors? Don't use a cloth at all, and you can leave out the paper towels for sure. Instead, use coffee filters, which are an inexpensive and much better glass cleaning material, leaving no streaks!

Make sure you are educating your employees about the way your cleaning business is going to handle things. You don't want each employee doing his or her own thing. You're not planning to do all that cleaning yourself, right? 

How do you plan on marketing your commercial cleaning services? Also, are there any special surfaces you should be aware of when going to a cleaning job? For example, stainless steel is one of those special surfaces that requires a certain type of cleaning, especially if you're in charge of routinely cleaning such a surface. 

How do you handle stainless steel? You might be surprised to find out that a simple cloth and warm water is actually your best bet. Sure, there are commercial stainless steel cleaners, but you're better off with the towel and warm water. Just make sure you also towel dry. So many other cleaning tips for a commercial cleaning business in Auckland are out there for you to digest as you get ready to launch your new business.

Finding Auckland Office Cleaning Service Providers

Auckland office cleaning service providers service providers have in place packages that ensure that every office remains clean, fresh and healthy at all times. The service providers ensure they have in place teams that are trained and experienced to offer satisfactory results.

Range of Services Available

The office cleaning services available in Auckland vary depending on individual client needs. It is for this reason that different service providers have in place a range of services tailored to address all clients’ needs. 

Cleaning services covers among others cleaning office floors, walls, windows, carpets and furniture among others. The range of services covers both interior and exterior cleaning of office spaces hence ensuring that workers and visitors find a clean and welcoming atmosphere. Whether general cleaning, routine cleaning or a single clean-up exercise, office cleaning Auckland service providers always have their doors open to the existing and prospective clients. 

Safety and Security Measures

Your office and all the installations within are important. They require to be handled with care and caution. It is for this reason that Auckland office cleaning service providers ensure that this is observed. This includes among others having the service providers take responsibility for any damage that may occur in provision of the cleaning services.
The safety of the workers and visitors is also given much consideration. In this regard, Auckland cleaning service providers always ensure that the workers and visitors are adequately informed of any safety measures that maybe required.  This is undertaken by the cleaning technicians before, during and after the cleaning process.

Choosing the Best Cleaning Solution

Cleaning needs vary. For this reason, it is important to select services that will address individual needs to full satisfaction.  To ensure that this is addressed accordingly, office cleaning Auckland service providers always ensure that individual needs are understood before a reliable choice is given. This is done through undertaking extensive assessment of the office needs. This is followed by adequate advice and guidance in choosing the right and most appropriate cleaning solution.

Before making a choice for the services and the company to engage, it is important to ensure that an extensive research is undertaken. This entails among others getting quotes from different providers. The quote stipulates the extent of services the cleaning service provider can cover and the cost of the same.

How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

Different companies in Auckland will charge varying fees for cleaning services.  This is done in consideration of various factors among them the extent of the services required. Others include the office space and the number of offices that need to be cleaned. To know the cost of cleaning you office, you simply get quotes from various players and pick eon that is most appropriate and offering services worth of the cost.

A clean office provides a great impression of the range of services to expect.  It is for this reason that it is important to ensure that a reliable and competent provider is engaged for the undertaking. Auckland office cleaning service providers always ensure that satisfactory services are always available for their clients.

Advantages of a Business Contracting the Services of Auckland Commercial Cleaners

In today's world economy, business owners have had to employ a number of strategies to keep their expenses low and at the same time attract more business. Hiring  professional Auckland Commercial Cleaners is one of the ways that a business can go for the gains. Below are some benefits that are accrued by businesses when they call in these professionals to do the work in their behalves. 
Auckland Commercial Cleaners

A major advantage of having an Auckland professional crew coming into the office weekly is that your premise is always clean. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness of your office nor do you have to supervise an employee and ensure that he or she does a good job. Each week the firm will be sending in its experts who know what they are doing and live the building sparkling clean. 

By signing a contract with Auckland commercial cleaners, you do not have to worry about an employee wasting time doing the cleaning each week. You also get to save a bundle especially if you can get to sign one of those yearlong contracts that come with discounts. At the end of it all, you also do not deal with the hassle of an extra paycheck for an individual who works only a few hours a day. 

The professionals come in with specialized equipment and products that ensure that every nook and cranny of the premise is clean. This promotes a hygienic environment for you and your employees meaning less illnesses thereby increasing staff performance. Issues to do with allergies in the employees and clients become a thing of the past and you still benefit from an exceptionally neat working area. 

There is no other better way to impress your clients than to have a space that is spotlessly clean and hygienic. It is often believed that a clean office is a sign of how much care the company will take care of the business at hand. This induces a sense of confidence in your clients over your products and services leading to more business as word get around just how neat you are. 

Apart from getting a clean, neat, and well-organized works space, these professionals offer other services such as pest control, repair person and superintendent services. For house cleaning Memphis homeowners can also get in touch with the professionals to ensure that the homes are clean as well. Other responsibilities include carpet care, dusting, trash collection, and polishing. 

An Auckland commercial company will have your office looking better than it has ever looked before without worrying about your employees getting dirty. A good commercial firm follows the set standards to maintain your facility and maintain a professional image of your business. Hiring them also does wonders for the morale of the employees working within. 

To hasten the process of find the best Auckland commercial cleaners, start by completing the form to the right of the page and sit back and wait for accredited and professional local Auckland cleaners to contact you with their free quotations. You can then begin comparing services and prices.

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Stopping Dirt at the Door

The best way to avoid cleaning up dirt is not allowing it into your house in the first place. As we wall know from the 'ounce of prevention' saying, it's easier to head off a problem than to fix it after the damage is done. So learn to stop dirt in its tracks. 
Auckland Cleaners
One our Auckland cleaners has pointed out that choosing the right doormats will cut down on the time you spend looking for and cleaning dirt. People coming into the house need to walk across the doormats and, in doing so, give the dirt on their shoes brush-off. The heavy-duty mats that retail stores, supermarkets and hospitals use to keep dirt at bay are a terrific choice here. Typically doormats can be purchased in hardware shops and home improvement shops.

Doormats for outside your door are usually made of a vegetable fibre, such as coir mattering, or matting, or rubber or vinyl-backed synthetic turf. Inside doormat choices come in different materials, such as nylon or olefin (polypropylene) with either vinyl or rubber backing. The indoor variety is available in several dark, dirt-defying colours to coordinate with your particular decor. A doormat should be long enough so that both a person's feet walk accross it before entering the house, and the width no wider than the door itself. That mat should never impede the door's movement, either. 

Floor mats are also a good idea near high-traffic or spill-prone areas such s the kitchen sink, the fridge, and bath and the toilet. Clean-ups are much easier when all you have to do is clean a mat instead of the entire floor. Just think of all the stuff that gets dripped on the floor in front of the sink or the fridge, for example.

Doormats need minimal maintenance. Just haul them outside occasionally and give them a good shake and also give them a once-over with the vacuum cleaner now and then.

When mats are really grimy, hose them down and scrub them with a squint of dish-washing liquid in warm water. Rinse and allow them to thoroughly air-dry before using again. Another method is a wet and dry vacuum or an upholstery shampoo to freshen them. Make sure your mats are completely dry before you put them back on the floor. Moisture caught underneath the mats could damage or warp your floors. When your mats get threadbare, replace them - worn mats don't do their job as well as new ones. 

To reduce the amount of dirt entering your house, limit the number of entrances that are used. This way, you'll cut down on the places where people and pets can bring dirt in. And if most people enter your house through an entrance of hall with an easy-wipe floor, a lot of grime can be quickly cleaned up and not distributed to the rest of the house.

An even better idea though is to make your house a shoe-less zone for everyone. Encourage family members, guests and friends to remove their shoes just inside the entrance. Provide a decorative basket or some other receptacle where people can place their shoes. Keep some stylish, fresh, 'house' slippers (ones that never go outside) on hand for guest if they are uncomfortable about being 'shoeless' inside your house.

Easy-care decorating choices around. For example, there are a number of wax-free, easy care floors to choose from. For benchtops in the kitchen or bathroom, you'll find that sold surfaces - those that have few or no seams, don't have indentations are are impervious to spills and marks - are remarkably easy to keep clean.

Over time, many blinds, curtains and other window coverings became magnets for dust and cobwebs. Instead of buying materials that catch dust, choose fabrics treated with a stain-and-dust-resistant finish, or treat the fabric yourself with a product such as Scotchgard fabric protector, following package instructions.

To childproof a child's bathroom, a playroom or the kitchen, use a good quality low-sheen or semi-gloss scrubbable paint (available from paint shops) on the walls. It may cost a bit more than other brands, but texta and crayon will wipe right off it.

Instead of making a mess of a family room wall by taping and tacking children's artwork to it, you can have a full-wall gallery in your home without the damage. Just cover the wall in magnetic paint (available from paint shops) and use magnets to post the work of your Michelangelos. 

Patters and designs camouflage dirt and grime, whereas sold colours hide very little. And it's also important not to forget your pets when you redecorate. If you have a black Labrador retriever or another dark-haired breed, for example, light-coloured surfaces may not be the wisest choice.

If concrete or mortar joints haven't been sealed, they can slough off bits of sand and concrete dust onto surrounding surfaces. To keep this grime at bay, look for a concrete sealer, available from hardware shops, paint shops and home improvement shops.

To keep airborne grease and such away from benchtops, turn on the exhaust fan when you're cooking on the stovetop. 

To cut down on spattering sauces and other messes, use big pots and pans, with their lids on. Wen you deep-fry, saute or cook foods that spit, line kitchen benches around your stove with newspapers or paper bags, cut open to extend them. (Always keep these papers away from any heat source).

For oven splatters from a pie or casserole bubbling over, sprinkle the stains with salt to keep the smoke down and to make your eventual clean-up job much easier.

To protect the fabric of kitchen chairs, which is always under assault, especially from children spilling porridge and ice-cream, have the fabric laminated for easy wiping. If you have removable cushions on your chairs, have just one side laminated. The easy-wipe side is for everyday use, and the other side is for special occasions. To find someone to laminate fabric for you, consult a fabric shop or go through an interior designer. 

Keep the air conditioning filer clean, so it functions effectively. Replace the filter at least twice a year to prevent airborne grime from spreading all over the house. Switch filters as often as once a month if the filter collects lots of dust during the heating and cooling seasons.

If your ducts are clogged with dust and debris, or if you can see mould building up in there, call in a professional duct cleaner, who will clear everything out with a high-powered vacuum. Your ducts may get particularly grimy if you've done work that throws around a lot of dust (such as sanding wooden floors or renovating), or if you frequently use a fireplace of wood stove.

Make sure your windows and doors are sealed tightly. Some utility companies will inspect your home without charge to determine whether you have any cracks where heat or air conditioned air could be seeping out - which also means that dirt could be creeping in through the same cracks.

Worn-out cleaning tools - sponges, mops, squeegees and such - are a waste of time. They make you work harder to get the job done. Dirty cleaning tools are worse, because they're actually counterproductive - they smear grime and germs all over the things you're trying to clean. Here's how to maintain your tools:

  • Throw out cleaning tools as soon as they look chewed-up and tired.
  • Regularly wash cleaning rags in your washing machine, using detergent, hot water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar or a scoop of an in-wash booster, such as Vanish Napisan Plus, to remove stains and freshen their scent.
  • Wash your cellulose sponges - which are great at soaking up germs and offending odours - in the washing machine or even in the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • Replace the bag in your vacuum cleaner at least once a mouth - more often if you have pets that shed. Vacuum bags need air inside to suck properly, so make sure you change them when they are two-thirds full. Remember to keep the vacuum brushes clean, too.
Dirt just likes to travel. It's happiest when it can roam freely all over your home, hiding in those nooks and crannies is where it's the most labour-intensive to find and remove. So stop dirt the borders. That is, habitually keep your doors, drawers, cabinets, wardrobes and other barriers closed. This will help keep dirt out and in the open, where your vacuum cleaners and cleaning cloths will be able to deal with it more readily.

If you're working on a messy, dust-producing project in the house, keep the doors to the room you're working in closed. Better yet, hang protective plastic across the door and any air vents to confine the dust to one room.

Periodically wash screens and other dirt-trapping windows coverings (plantation shutters, window coverings, venetian blinds and the like) to keep dirt at hand. Remember that dirt loves company and acts as a powerful magnet for more. 

Keeping your dogs and cats clean will definitely reduce the amount of dirt they can bring into your house. The following preventative maintenance tips will help:
  •  Station a clean rag by the door that your pet uses so that muddy, wet paws and claws can be wiped of before your beloved animal makes unsightly tracks through the house.
  • Once a week, take your dog outside and give it's fur a good going-over with the type of brush recommended fro its coat. Do this well away from the house, so that the tufts won't tumble inside.
  • The miracle way to lift pet hair from furniture and other surfaces is to wipe with a damp sponge or cloth - the hair will gather in clumps and is easy to pick up. An alternative is to use one of those special rubber brushes with nubs on that is intended for grooming cats (available from pet shops).
  • Nothing beats a vacuum cleaner or powerful handheld vacuum for pulling pet hair of your rugs and carpets.

Rules of the game

  • To reduce dirt coming into your home, keep your pets clean
  • Have a rag handy - near the door - to wipe muddy, wet paws and claws.
  • Brush down your cat and dog or cat once a week outside. 
  •  Lift hair from furniture and other surfaces with a damp sponge or cloth, or use a vacuum cleaner. 

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Ten Golden Rules of Cleaning

Your primary goal of cleaning is to remove dirt, whether it be in your home (inside or outside) or on your garments. But you do need to determine at what cost. Surely you do't want to injure yourself. Surely you don't want to damage the very thing you're trying to clean. And surely you want to get it done so quickly and with as little effort as possible. Stick to the following ten golden rules, and you will achieves safe, effective cleaning that attacks the problem early and with the least amount of effort. On the other hand, you could always  get quotes for a cleaning service in Auckland from our database of trusted and approved local cleaners.

Cleaning service in Auckland
  1. Clean it up sooner rather than later: spills and stains are generally much easier to clean up when you attach them right away. When you treat that tomato sauce splatter on your dress shirt without delay, for example, if offers little resistance. If you wait until the next day, you'll have a permanent-looking red polka dot stain that you'll expend a lot more cleaning solution and time getting out. Similarly, clothing or carpet stains are easiest to remove when they're fresh. The longer you wait, the more chance the stain has to set and become more difficult to remove. 
  2. Clean from the top down: Don't fight gravity when you clean. You'll lose. Working from high to low almost always works better in cleaning situations. When you're cleaning the entire house, always start on the top floor and work your way down. This will avoid tracking through the rooms you have already cleaned. When you're cleaning a room, first remove the cobwebs from the ceiling and cornices. Then dust the ceiling fan and light fixtures, followed by window frames and wall hangings. Moving downwards, work on the furniture skirting boards and floors. This ensures that any dust shaken loose from high up does not settle on something you've already cleaned below, so you don't have to dust the room twice. Similarly, when you clean windows and mirrors, start up high and work your way down, because your cleaner, obeying gravity, will drip down. This saves you elbow grease and time. The rare exception to this rule is wall washing. If you start at the top wen you're washing a wall in your home, dirty water will drip onto the lower areas you haven't cleaned yet, making streaks that will be tough to remove.
  3. Think dry, then wet: When you're cleaning a room, start wit the cleaning jobs that require dry methods (dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, for example). Then move on to wet methods (using an all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner, mopping and such like). This way, there will be less dirt floating around in the room to cling to we surfaces.
  4. Start with the least harmful approach: use your gentlest cleaning methods first and move up to more aggressive techniques only if necessary. And know your materials well enough so that you will stop your cleaning efforts before you do any damage. It is better to suffer the small spot on your stove-top, for example, then to ruin the surface with steel wool.
  5. Let time do the work for you: a little time management trick will make your cleaning easier and faster. When you organise your approach to a cleaning task, remember to spray on your cleaning chemicals first and then find another little job to do while the cleaner does its dirty work. If you're cleaning in the kitchen, for example, spray your cleaner on the bench-tops and appliances, then occupy yourself with removing old food from the fridge while the cleaner soaks in. When you come back to wipe the cleaner off, there will be little or no scrubbing to do. 
  6. Carry your supplies with you: carry your core cleaning products with you. This will save  you from making multiple trips around the house looking for the right tools and cleaners. Pick up one of these accessories at a home improvement shop or hardware shop, a cleaning caddy (a plastic or rubber carrier with a handle and compartments for holding your gear), a sturdy, large plastic bucket with a good handle, a small-cleaning trolley and an apron with roomy pockets. Put all your cleaning supplies into the receptacle you're chosen from above, including clean rags, paper towels and a rubbish bag for emptying wastebaskets, and cart it with you from room to room. If your house has more than one floor, keep a fully stocked caddy on each level. Don't overburden your carrier with specialty products that are needed for only one job around the house. Store toilet bowl cleaner, for example, under the bathroom sink. 
  7. When in doubt, test first: before you use a new cleaning technique or product, test the method of an inconspicuous area of the object you're cleaning. This rule also applies when you first clean and object that is delicate and might be damaged by a cleaning compound. Testing will show you whether the object is colour-fast and whether the cleaning method is likely to do damage.
  8. Use cleaning liquids sparingly: when you clean an item that could be harmed by a liquid cleaning product (electronics, computer screens, framed artwork or framed photographs, for example), first spray the cleaner on your cleaning cloth and then wipe. Don't spray cleaner directly on the object you're cleaning. Cleaner dripping into your electronics could do them damage, and cleaner dripping into a frame and soaking the mount could harm your artwork.
  9. Read the instructions: you would have heard this before, but the makers of all of those wonderful furnishings in your home do know best how to clean them. And the makers of your cleaning products know best how to use them. So when at all possible, follow the manufacturer's instructions when cleaning anything. This goes for everything from toasters to silk blouses and Doonas to blinds. File the instructions and cleaning tips that come with any new appliance, rug or other household item. Don't remove those care labels that come on clothes, linens and any other potentially washable objects. They are there for a purpose - to teach you how to properly clean the item.
  10. Protect yourself: least but not least, take care of yourself. Many of the cleaning products you use container acid, bleach, abrasives and other ingredients that you can damage your eyes, skin, nose and even your lungs. So make sure your cleaning kit includes a pair of rubber gloves and protective safety glasses. If it's not too hot, wear old long pants or tracksuit pants and an old long-sleeved shirt to cover your arms in case of spatters from cleaning products. Cover you hair with a scarf or baseball cap. To protect your nails, a good trick is to dab a line of petroleum jelly underneath your nails to keep the dirt out, roughening and splitting from the continual exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. It is important that you don't let your cleaning products get mixed together. Some chemical combinations, chlorine beach and ammonia, for example, will produce poisonous gases. As an extra safety precaution when you're using cleaning chemicals, make sure the room you're in is properly ventilated.  
If you are looking for a cleaning service in Auckland contact us today to arrange your free cleaning quotes. 

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Is your pet making you sick?

Apart from leaving hair all over the house and adding to your dust problem, pets are also constantly shredding dander, the old skin scales which, like dead human skin cells, provide extra fodder for the festing mites. Dogs and cats are the most common sources of animal allergens, but almost any furry or feathered friend, from hamsters to budgies, can trigger allergies.

  1. If you are sensitive to animal dander, wear an allergy-proof face mask when grooming animals and while vacuuming. If possible delegate the task to some one else.
  2. If you have pets, keep bedroom doors closed. Don't let them wander into the bedroom. Definitely don't let pets share your bed. Inevitably they will shed hair and skin particles which will exacerbate allergic reactions.
  3. Thoroughly vacuum pet bedding daily and anywhere else your pet spends time. Allowing pets to sit on soft furnishings creates extra work.
  4. Keep litter trays, bedding and cages in a well-ventilated room or area.
  5. If possible, let your pet outside for part of the day. Take bird and hamster cages outdoors when the weather is fine. This will help keep the levels of animal dander, and the smell, down. Your pet will appreciate the change of scene too.
  6. After touching or playing with pets always wash your hands, and wash clothes in the hottest wash the care instructions will allow.

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Top tips for a clean and safe kitchen

The kitchen can be a very hazardous area, one where a multitude of sins can easy happen. There's a lot going on in here, with cooking, eating and laundry. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so don't give it a coronary!

  1. Remove unnecessary clutter from surfaces. Discard or store appliances and gadgets that you don't use anymore.
  2. Follow food storage tips.
  3. Keep you fridge clean and tidy. Before you do your weekly shop remove the contents, discarding old food and cleaning shelves and racks.
  4. Wipe your hob each time you use it. Wipe down the surfaces of the oven after each use. It will be much easier to keep it clean that way.
  5. Wipe up spillages in your microwave whenever they occur.
  6. Use a bin with a lid to keep smells at bay and flies out. Empty it as soon as it smells, even if it's not full. Wash and disinfect once a week.
  7. Wipe surfaces down before and after preparing food.
  8. Change the dishcloth you wipe surfaces with every day.
  9. Use two chopping boards, one for raw meat, a separate once for vegetables.
  10. Don't leave dirty crockery and pans to fester where they can attract harmful bacteria.
  11. Keep sink and drainer clean and tidy.
  12. Keep kitchen floors free from debris and grease by sweeping and washing regularly.
  13. If you have pets, don't leave their dirt food dishes out of meals as they will attract flies and, potentially, rodents.
  14. Cat-litter trays should not be kept in the kitchen. If possible a bathroom, hall or lobby is a better spot.
  15. Don't leave damp or dirty laundry festering in the washing machine or drier, and avoid sorting dirty laundry on food preparation surfaces.

Food storage

Don't buy too much food - why buy food you can't eat? It's not cheap, you know. Don't over-stock on fruit and vegetables either, they will rapidly ripen and attract flies. Flies love to lay their eggs in rotting vegetables and fruit, so keep a regular eye on your vegetable rack and fruit bowl too. Be fastidious in your cupboards - you've got eyes, you know when you cupboards are dirty, dear. You don't want to larder beetles and moths moving in to devour your food. Keeping dried foods in those super stack-able heavy plastic containers is a wonderful way to keeping them out. Here are some handy tips to avoid sharing your meals with a whole host of unwanted guests.

  1. Don't allow fruit kept in bowls to become over-ripe. It will attract fruit flies.
  2. Keep an eye on your vegetables. Discard rotten ones, as they will cause others to rot quickly too.
  3. Check the contents of the fridge every couple of days. You're always popping in for milk, so have a nose round. Discard foods that are past their best.
  4. Keep raw meats on the bottom shelf as that they can't drip and contaminate foods below.
  5. Cooked meats should always be stored above raw meats.
  6. Know your cupboards. Go through food cupboards every couple of months, wiping the shelves and discarding food that has passed its best-before date. Dry the shelves thoroughly before bringing the older stocks to the front, putting newer to the back.
  7. Keep flour, nuts, biscuits, rice, past and other dries foods in tightly sealed glass or heavy plastic containers to stop pantry-pest beetles and moths getting inside.
  8. Don't leave foodstuffs out on work surfaces after preparing meals.

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Shipping to Australia is now a simple process thanks to New Zealand Van Lines newly introduced Trans-Tasman Economy Service. They have the knowledge on how to move individuals, families to Australia. Their professional team can assist you with shipping your furniture to Australia, whether it is just a few items or a full house lot. From packing and uplift your effects right through to delivery to your new residence in Australia. 

New Zealand Van Lines Move Consultants have spent most of their professional life working with countless families and individuals who are in the process of moving. Organizing your stuff, letting of some possessions, packing and moving forward to a new home will always be a challenging task. Organizing your "stuff", even if you are not involved with a move, can be overwhelming. 

After years of helping clients organize all of the necessary steps of their moves, they decided it was time to develop a streamlined economical services for clients looking to move to Australia (still the most popular export destination for many kiwis). 

The most important skill in having a smooth, efficient, cost effective move from one home to another is to take time to prioritize organization of three things...your time, your stuff, and your paperwork. 

Most of us do not live in an orderly, minimalistic dwelling with everything in its place. We lead very busy lives and our possessions, debris and papers begin to hold us hostage inside our homes. We feel we can never sell our homes because we can never find time to sort through everything that needs to done to move on. New Zealand Van Lines can give your systems, resources and checklists and other suggestions to help make your move to Australia as stress-free as possible. It is not easy to maintain this level of orderliness.

Contact New Zealand Van Lines on 0800 363 236 to get your move off to the right start now!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Monthly Cleaning Routines

Now don't go thinking we've gone all obsessive here, dear. This isn't about getting down the calendar and marking off great lists of tasks on the first of each month. These are just the little extra things. It would be daft to do them every day or week, why waste your time? But every now and then again your home will be cleaner if you tick off some of these extra things. Do you know what I do? I love watching television, but some nights I have a look and I think 'Well, there's nothing on'. So I think to myself, 'I'll just go and clean a room I haven't done for a while.' Try it - come the end of the evening you feel so good you haven't wasted your time watching a load of rubbish - and you've got a lovely clean room.

  1. Clean windows, inside and out.
  2. Launder under bedding, mattress covers and pillow protectors.
  3. Turn mattresses (at least every other month)
  4. Sort through cupboards and drawers regularly, discarding things you don't use.
  5. Vacuum areas you normally neglect - under the bed, curtains, cobwebs in high corners.
  6. Clean lamps and lampshades.
  7. Polish wooden furniture. 
  8. Polish mirrors, including frames.
  9. Wax floors after washing them.
  10. Thoroughly clean inside the oven.
  11. Dust blinds, door tops and picture rails. 

Weekly Cleaning Routines 

Of course there are some jobs you don't need to do every day. That doesn't mean you have to save them up all for a mammoth cleaning blitz at the end of the week. Oh please, get a system or you'll be in one heck of a mess. Do a couple of these things along with your daily routine and you'll never spend a whole day cleaning again.

  1. Change the bedlinen (twice weekly is best in hot weather)
  2. Change bath and shower towels two or three times weekly.
  3. Vacuum carpets and floors.
  4. Wash or mop all hard floors.
  5. Dust the surfaces (if you're pressed for time, dusting will always wait - dust doesn't smell but toilets always do).
  6. Wipe finger prints from door handles and light switches (do this as you go round, it only takes a second and keeps germs away).
  7. Thoroughly clean the bathroom: toilet, sink, shower, tiles, toothbrush holders, mirrors and floor.
  8. Attend to the areas of the kitchen not covered by daily routines: wipe cupboard doors, splashbacks, oven, microwave, fridge, windows, and rinse and disinfect rubbish bins.
  9. Iron the laundry. 

Daily Cleaning Routine

If you try to do the following little tasks every day they will soon become second nature, and won't even notice you're doing them. A couple of minutes here, a few seconds there, and you'll soon wonder what all the fuss was about.

  1. Pull back the bedcovers to air while you shower and breakfast. Open the window: this will reduce humidity and limit the number of dust mites.
  2. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Wash up after each meal, and keep surfaces clean.
  3. Change dishclothes and tea towels daily.
  4. Vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor.
  5. Keep sinks clean and hand towels fresh.
  6. Keep toilets scrupulously clean.
  7. Return things to their place so clutter doesn't build up.
  8. Consider nominating days for laundry: e.g. Saturday for bedlinen, Monday for towels, Tuesday for coloureds, Thursday for whites. Hang laundry up to dry to make ironing easier. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Are You Looking For Cleaners on the North Shore?

Welcome to cleaning services in the North Shore, Auckland. If you are looking for cleaners in the North Shore area and would like to receive free quotes from more than one cleaning company to ensure that you obtain the best value for money possible.

Cleaning Quotes can provide accredited, registered, and approved North Shore cleaners in the North Shore area. All professional cleaning service providers registered with us have gone through a rigorous approval and registration process that includes validation of relevant health and safety certification, insurance and previous client testimonials.

We allow you to compare quotes from three approval local North Shore cleaners quickly and easily.

If you are looking for a competent, reliable, and flexible cleaner for the maintenance of your home of office in North Shore you have come to the right place.

Our cleaners have established themselves in the market and satisfy their customers with a professional cleaning service and employ only the most dedicated cleaning teams who take advantage of the most modern and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies.

All our cleaning partners in the North Shore area offer a comprehensive range of service in the fields of both domestic and commercial cleaning.  Every one of our cleaning partners are master craftsmen for cleaning services and of course work professionally and conscientiously.

It is important to ensure that your home or office is cleaned on a regular basis if you would like to keep it nice and tidy. Of course you can clean yourself or you can relax and let the professionals who have all of the right cleaning equipment breeze through the work for you. This can save you a lot of time and energy.

When is the right time to hire a North Shore cleaning company? Performing periodic cleaning is essential to making an environment fit for use, whether an office, warehouse, a shed or even you home. Removing dust from the spaces, rugs, carpets and furniture is also essential to prevent allergies and various diseases cause by mites, which unfortunately spread very easily, and become a nightmare to remove. In many cases it is necessary to hire cleaning companies that offer specialist services. Cleaning Quotes provides the best option when it comes to finding cleaners to clean and sanitize environments, we only work with fully qualified companies to handle the most diverse services required.

Often with the rush and stress of modern life there is simply not enough time to reconcile our professional life with the housework. With the dirt, dust and other unwanted things accumulation at home it is the perfect time to hire a cleaning company to return your house back into a home. 

Cleaning service requirements are everywhere, if you require a professional cleaning service in the North Shore please consider using our FREE service to source 3 independent quotations from cleaning companies. You don’t need to waste time ringing around trying to get hold of a cleaning company. Instead, let 3 local cleaning companies to follow you up.

North Shore Cleaners

Sunday, 19 April 2015

How Clean Is Your Routine?

Until well past the middle of the last century housework was a daily routine that dictated what jobs were done on each day of the week. Monday was washday, and women would all race to get their washing on the the line. Chimneys were still in use then, and washing left to dry outside would often become soiled with coal smuts and would have to be done again. Ironing would be done on Tuesday, and during the evening clothes would be mended and socks darned.

On the other days women would clean. Every day the front step would be scrubbed and the water sloshed across the payment to keep the dirt from coming in. Your neighbors expected all the water to be 'joined up', otherwise they would gossip about your slovenly ways. Shopping would be reserved for the day the wages were brought home in a brown waxy envelope, usually Friday or Saturday. Baking would be done on Saturday, and Sunday was a day of rest, although there would usually be a roast dinner to prepare and cook.

Spring-cleaning was necessary because people heated their homes with open coal fires, lit them with gas lamps and burned candles. The soot and dust had to be cleaned away once the days lengthened, the first went out and the sun showed up the dirt. For many people this routine continued until at least the 1960's.

Homes lacked the marvelous gadgets we have today. A whistling kettle was considered a great novelty! Carpets were brushed or beaten, driving up clouds of dust. Laundry was done in the sink, and put through the mangle to squeeze out the water. Dishes were always washed by hand, and in the days before fridges and freezes shopping was far more frequent done.

When you consider how time-consuming running a home was in the last century, you really have no excuse not to be able to keep up now, even though both men and women tend to go out to work. Haven't thing changed! There are many labor-saving devices predecessors would have give their right arm for. We have vacuum cleaners, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, enormous fridges and freezers, microwaves, duvets (rarely sheets and blankets), and a dazzling array of products designed to tackle every task. 

A Tidy Home Is A Clean Home

Cleaning will always be easier if you are tidy and put things back each time they are used. Become a gatherer! Pick things up as you go, returning them to their proper place. Keep a little basket by the stairs - don't make unnecessary trips. Get into the habit of scooping things up before bedtime, collecting mugs, glasses, ashtrays, papers and post; give the cushions a bang and everything will be shipshape for the morning. Who wants to be confronted at the start of a new day with yesterday's filth? 

We're all hoarders to some degree. If you cupboards and drawers are so crammed full that you are short of storage space and cannot find a permanent home for things, then you need to clear out an dispose of the items you no longer need to use. Your home will be much more comfortable and run more efficiently if things are put away. You will also have the added advantage of being able to locate what you need quickly, without the frustration of searching through endless piles of things. Once clutter is removed you can keep the surfaces clean and healthy.

Do A Little Bit Each Day

Some people cannot relax until every last chore is done, others just can't seem to get started, or don't know where to start. We're making a lot of excuses for ourselves about why we don't have time around the home 

Tidy as you go; a quick flick here and there with a duster - don't let it build up, dear - you make life easy or you make life hard, and we know which we prefer. Keep on top of the laundry, restore order in the kitchen after every meal, a quick run around the centre of each room with the vacuum, and you'll be keeping a lovely happy home. If other's don't or won't help, don't scream and give yourself a headache - if they want to wallow in their own dirt, let the get on with it!

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Commercial Cleaning Auckland

Are you looking for reputable commercial cleaning Auckland services? 

Get 3 Free Quotes now from accredited and approved commercial cleaners by simply completing the form on the right-hand site. 

Cleaning Quotes provides you with the opportunity to compare office and commercial cleaners in the Auckland region. 

We assess your specific and individual cleaning requirements and then match them to the best cleaning service provider. Each cleaning provider registered with us is vetted and approved to ensure they meet our strict criteria for membership in our database. We will provide you with a maximum of 3 quotations from professional providers. 

Commercial cleaners registered with us are categorized by industry sector to ensure that you receive information from only the experience providers that meet your needs. 

To get started simply complete the enquiry form on the right hand side of the page and a team member will get back to you shortly to confirm your specific requirements. 

Our goal is to make finding the right cleaning provide for you as stress free and risk free as possible. There is no obligation to use any of the providers and we would recommend that you control the entire process from start to finish. 

If you are reading this you need to find a cleaning service provider who services the Auckland are. 

How much does commercial cleaning in Auckland cost? This depends on a few factors, such as how large, or how many square-feet the space is, as well as where it is located. If you are looking for a quote, then you have come to the right place. 

Here at Cleaning Quotes, you can provide details about your commercial cleaning requirements, as well as where you are located, and a few other pieces of information about yourself and we can help you find the best quotes. 

When it comes to commercial cleaning services in Auckland, you might be able to get a fixed rate, pay per visit a cleaner makes or be able to enter into some form of contract. These things are determined by a few factors, with one of them being the actually commercial cleaning company you decide to do business with. This is another reason why getting quotes is a good idea. You will be able to find out what each company charges, how they charge and then you can decide which company meets your cleaning needs the most, and this includes how they charge you and how often you get billed. 

Some cleaning companies may simply charge you by the hour, but the size of your property will likely be the major deciding factor in how much they will charge you, as well as whether or not there is heavy lifting involved. A company may decide to charge you around $20 to $30 per hour, but there are some that may charge more or less than those prices. This is why it is important to get a few quotes from a number of companies, as you want to receive the best services at the best prices. 

The type of commercial property you want to have cleaned plays a major role in finding the right commercial cleaning company. For example, some cleaning companies may be willing to clean an entire restaurant, bar or retail store, while others do not clean such places. some cleaning companies may only provide commercial cleaning services to medical facilities such as hospitals, small doctor offices, clinics and so forth, while others clean churches, schools and so on. 

Why Choose Cleaning Quotes to Find Auckland Commercial Cleaners?

Our commitment to quality: We require our cleaners to be accredited and insured. We work hard to keep your personal information safe and secure. 
  • Only complete one simple 30 second form
  • Cleaning companies contact you directly with quotes
  • View their accreditation's and compare services
  • Compare commercial cleaning quotes
  • Save time and money!

With so many cleaning companies it can often be a very time consuming exercise chasing up the various cleaners just to get a simple quote.

Be using Cleaning Quotes you will receive free commercial cleaning quotes from local Auckland cleaners in your area, so you can start comparing services and prices without the hassle. 

Why Commercial Cleaning?

You can sum it all up in five words: Sanitation, Safety, Scenery and Serenity and Savings.

Your Office is Your Second Home

Let's face it. After your home, the next place where you spend most of your time would e your office. And since you spend a lot of time in your office, your would want to have the same clean environment in your office as in your home.

Let Cleaning Quotes do the homework so you don't have to. We only work with commercial cleaning companies who have a strong track record of providing consistent service quality. 
We also require comprehensive background checks and all cleaners registered with us are required to maintain any necessary insurance and must be registered companies. 

Commercial cleaning covers a vast range of services plus a lot of specialist tasks. The importance of maintaining high standards in modern offices and facilities cannot be underestimated. Clients, employees and the general public have come to expect excellent levels of cleanliness and hygiene at all times and all it takes is one bad experience to have a lasting impact and it is not easily communicated via the many active social media channels now available. 

Get Free Quotes for Commercial Cleaning in Auckland 

We invite you to get free price quotes for your commercial cleaning needs. As previously mentioned, you just need to enter a few details about yourself and your cleaning needs and before you know it, you will be shown three free quotes. Once you receive your quotes, you can contact each company and then choose the one you think can meet your needs. 

If you have commercial property in Auckland and you need to have it clean, then get some quotes today and find the right company to clean your commercial property in Auckland.

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