Monday, 27 April 2015

Daily Cleaning Routine

If you try to do the following little tasks every day they will soon become second nature, and won't even notice you're doing them. A couple of minutes here, a few seconds there, and you'll soon wonder what all the fuss was about.

  1. Pull back the bedcovers to air while you shower and breakfast. Open the window: this will reduce humidity and limit the number of dust mites.
  2. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Wash up after each meal, and keep surfaces clean.
  3. Change dishclothes and tea towels daily.
  4. Vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor.
  5. Keep sinks clean and hand towels fresh.
  6. Keep toilets scrupulously clean.
  7. Return things to their place so clutter doesn't build up.
  8. Consider nominating days for laundry: e.g. Saturday for bedlinen, Monday for towels, Tuesday for coloureds, Thursday for whites. Hang laundry up to dry to make ironing easier.