Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Are You Starting a Commercial Cleaning Business in Auckland?

If you are starting a commercial cleaning business in Auckland, are you joining up with a franchise? This is how many people get themselves established in the industry. You're going to want to think about your coverage area, equipment and cleaning supplies, employees you need to hire and much more. When it comes to the cleaning, there are many tips you should familiarize yourself with to make sure that you offer the best services to your customers. 

What is usually the dirtiest area inside a commercial business? Hands down, it has to be the bathroom, right? Paying special attention and detail to cleaning the bathrooms is definitely key. Bowl cleaner must be used, and toilets need to be cleaned thoroughly to the point of sparkling. 
Commercial Cleaning Business Auckland
Make sure you clean all counter surfaces, and you also want to ensure all the mirrors in the bathroom are spotless. Familiarize yourself with any extra accommodations that certain bathrooms might have, such as a shower or tub, and be prepared to clean them upon arrival. 

One way you can make sure you are prepared to do all the cleaning is to get the specifics from your clients. Naturally, you're going to want to get a tour of the place before you show up to clean, so you can do the double checking to make sure you bring everything you need. 

It is still important, however, to check with the clients to make sure you are cleaning according to their expectations. If there are certain surfaces that are extra dirty and could use a good multi-purpose cleaner, then you can count on a mixture of dish washing liquid and detergent. Don't forget to dry surfaces thoroughly, and with a towel, so that you're not leaving water spots. 

Are you not sure what cloth to use on the mirrors? Don't use a cloth at all, and you can leave out the paper towels for sure. Instead, use coffee filters, which are an inexpensive and much better glass cleaning material, leaving no streaks!

Make sure you are educating your employees about the way your cleaning business is going to handle things. You don't want each employee doing his or her own thing. You're not planning to do all that cleaning yourself, right? 

How do you plan on marketing your commercial cleaning services? Also, are there any special surfaces you should be aware of when going to a cleaning job? For example, stainless steel is one of those special surfaces that requires a certain type of cleaning, especially if you're in charge of routinely cleaning such a surface. 

How do you handle stainless steel? You might be surprised to find out that a simple cloth and warm water is actually your best bet. Sure, there are commercial stainless steel cleaners, but you're better off with the towel and warm water. Just make sure you also towel dry. So many other cleaning tips for a commercial cleaning business in Auckland are out there for you to digest as you get ready to launch your new business.