Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning Quotes is here to make finding the right Auckland commercial cleaning company a whole lot easier. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of eight key points to consider when choosing commercial cleaners in the Auckland area. You need to make sure you evaluate the cleaning company before engaging their services.

Ensure they only use cleaning products that are of tried and tested quality

You need to ensure that the cleaning company only uses products which have been highly tested in the market place and meet minimum standards. Look to ensure they have the active compound, parachlorometaxylenol, which is widely used in the sterilization of medical centers and hospitals. It is produced by a chemical emulsion patented process, which results in a low concentration of the active ingredient, making it highly effective whilst at the same time very safe.

Insist on an onsite quotation

Most reputable cleaning companies will be more than happy to visit your offices or premises to provide you with an accurate assessment and quotation. They should also provide you with a list of the cleaning services being performed when they submit their quotation. This will include but is not limited to vacuuming, mopping, cleaning and sanitizing of the bathroom along with dusting. This will of course be dependent on the specific services you require and have requested. 

Environmentally friendly cleaning service

Increasingly the issue of Green Cleaning and the environmental impact of chemicals used in the process of professional cleaning procedures has become more important and is often essential to meet certainly environmental standards (i.e. ISO 14001) and serve as a positive endorsement for business owners. It pays to review whether the cleaning company is employing environmentally friendly cleaning products and best practices. All cleaning products used should be safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Ensure they are using best practices and latest cleaning techniques

This begins with operational training to ensure that industry best practices are followed and ongoing training takes place. The cleaning companies service should be focused on:

  • Importance of cleaning focusing on disinfection 
  • How to eliminate all bacteria from surfaces
  • How to completely remove dust from surfaces
  • Best carpet cleaning techniques that minimise time
  • Best technical treatment of all types of hard floors
  • How to work fast and efficiently without compromising the quality of cleaning
  • How to clean whilst utilizing sustainable cleaning practices (Green Cleaning)

Request proof of insurance 

It is important to ensure that the cleaning company has comprehensive insurance policies in place. You want to make sure that they have their own insurance policy to cover you in case of any accidents. 

Read the contract

It is important to thoroughly read through the contract before signing. Most reputable cleaning companies will request that you sign a contract. It is important to have a recourse if some the companies are not providing the level of service originally promised. It would be advisable to request perhaps a free trial period if the cleaner will agree to it. Or perhaps suggest a month-to-month contract as opposed to a yearly contract. 

Consider the experience of the cleaning company

Most established cleaning companies will have years of experience and proven cleaning systems behind them. This will ensure that they have developed the best processes and systems to ensure your office is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. All else being equal you will want to choose the company with the most experience. 

Request references from the company

A quality Auckland cleaning company should be able to provide you with recent testimonials from current clients. You should contact these clients to get first hand reviews on the cleaners and ask if they are happy with the cleaning services being provided and their experience with the company. 

Check the company's certifications

NZQA registered, Master Cleaners accredited, SafeClean certified, and Carpet Cleaners Association of NZ registered - these are all importing qualifications and accreditation's that are going to protect your company and, in some cases, save your substantial costs. Make sure to request a list of all certifications that are relevant to your business. 


Ask the company how they will measure and track their success. How easy will it be to provide regular feedback to the cleaning company, and how will the company act on your feedback provided. Is their a formal complaint procedure in place? 

The people factor

Request to meet the person who will be handling your account. You want to find out what procedures are in place for replacing cleaners you are not competing the job satisfactorily or are not suitable for your facility. 

If you are looking for a regular office cleaner or just a one off commercial Cleaning Quotes do the hard work for you and provide you with free quotes from approved and registered local Auckland commercial cleaners today.