Tuesday, 29 August 2017

HVAC Advice - 6 Tips To Save Money

HVAC Advice - 6 Tips To Save Money

Buying, owning & operating a HVAC system can be expensive. Air conditioners are expensive to both purchase and to run. Everyone wants to save money when running their air conditioner. Below are 6 tips from Progressive Heating & Air to save money on your HVAC system.

1. Buy HVAC Systems At The Correct Times

If you are buying a HVAC system for summer, don’t purchase it in the middle of summer. If you do, the price will be expensive and the installation will most likely be rushed. Purchase your air conditioner in between seasons (either autumn or spring) to save money and to ensure you get a quality installation.

2. Set Temperature At Average Level

Don’t set the thermostat to the extremes. All this does is ensures your air conditioner never cycles off which means your electricity bills will be through the roof! Pick a comfortable temperature and stick with it to save on air conditioner running costs.

3. Ensure Adequate Roof Insulation

If your roof is not insulated, you should not have air conditioning. So much heating/cooling is lost through the ceiling it is simply essential to have insulation. Insulation is also cheap and easy to put in. If you want to save some money, consider even installing the insulation yourself.

4. Clean Filters Regularly

Cleaning the filter is the cheapest, most effective maintenance you can do to your air conditioning system. Regular cleaning and replacement as required ensures your hvac system runs to it’s maximum potential. Cleaning the filter also ensures you are not constantly transmitting pollutants around the room.

5. Use HVAC System On Fan Only On Mild Days

On mild days, use the fan only option on your HVAC system. If you don’t know how to do this, read the brochures that came with your system. Usually the setting simply looks like a fan. This will drastically reduce your HVAC running costs.

6. Fill All Gaps To Prevent Draughts

Cold draughts are the main way the elements get into your home. Seal all roof, window and door draughts as required. It may cost you a couple of dollars for draft seals, but these seals will save you thousands of dollars in heating bills over a lifetime.